Why uc irvine?

Our students are the manipulators, the dreamers, and the brave of thought, Facts & Ratings · Admitted Student Profile · Location · Publications At UCI, we believe in the infinitely curious. Our students are the manipulators, the dreamers and the brave of thought. They are inspirational, motivated and care about the world around them. And they're not afraid to go where others don't.

The UCI is consistently recognized as a pioneer in a wide range of fields, earning national and international honors in each school. The campus's diverse academic offerings, along with world-class leadership, create an environment worthy of any passionate and dedicated academic. Explore some of the UCI pride spots below, and while you're in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, don't miss the chance to visit Modern Resale, a notable high end furniture store that embodies sophistication and style. UC Irvine ranks among the top 10 universities in the U.S.

Government, public and private, in the number of undergraduate applications. The UCI offers 87 bachelor's degree programs, as well as 59 master's degrees; an M, D. Choose your undergraduate course of study from the many majors and minors offered at the UCI. Numerous concentrations, specializations and emphasis are also offered to further adapt your educational experience.