How is irvine california?

Cities to raise a family, this California city is incredible. Much of the entertainment in Irvine focuses on its impressive arts and culture scene. Marvel at the beautiful works of the California Impressionist period at the Irvine Museum. Attend classes on topics ranging from pottery to engraving and more at the Irvine Center for Fine Arts, where visitors can also see rotating exhibitions by local and national artists.

Enjoy everything from ballet to sensory shows at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Take acting classes or watch the modern twists of classical theatre at the South Coast Repertory. See Shakespeare, seminars and more at the New Swan Theater. Or get tickets to The Barclay Theatre for dazzling circus acts, classical music, live theater and more.

Safe and Affordable Neighborhoods in Irvine Safe and Affordable Neighborhoods in Long Beach. Irvine has 278 days of sunshine a year on average and is close to Huntington, Newport and Laguna Beach. But perfect weather isn't the only reason Irvine was named one of Money's best places to live; the area also has a low unemployment rate of 2.9% and a growing economy. The population of Irvine, California is 290,000 and is one of the three major cities in Orange County, along with Anaheim and Santa Ana.