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The center of each city on the list is within 11 miles of East Irvine, CA. This is a list of the closest big cities to East Irvine, CA. A large city usually has a population of at least 200,000 and you can often fly to a major airport. If you need to book a flight, find the nearest airport to East Irvine, CA.

You can also search for cities within 4 hours of East Irvine, CA (or 3 hours or 2 hours or 1 hour) or just generally search all cities near East Irvine, CA. This is a list of smaller local cities surrounding East Irvine, CA. If you are planning a road trip or exploring the local area, be sure to visit some of these places to get a sense of the surrounding community. You can also search for cities within 100 miles of East Irvine, CA (or 50 miles or 30 miles).

Other things to do in Irvine's typically sunny weather include going to a soccer game, exploring an open space reserve, and attending an outdoor music festival. And for those interested in a shopping experience, the first place to visit is the Irvine Spectrum Center, which comes complete with a Ferris wheel. Ferris Wheel at the Irvine Spectrum Center It's not just shops and restaurants that define the Irvine Spectrum Center, but there are many free or low-cost attractions that add to the experience of visiting. The manicured, hard-landscaped gardens add a nice touch to strolling, and features such as a carousel and giant ferris wheel are popular with children.

Weekend entertainment also adds a soundtrack, which includes live music in all courtyards. The VR experience is also popular at the Irvine Spectrum Center, with SPACES arcade offering an immersive experience fighting robots like the movie The Terminator. The Great Orange County Park is a great place to spend time outdoors in Irvine. It covers more than 1,300 acres in what used to be a former Marine Corps air station and has a growing number of amenities and attractions that go far beyond running water and picnic tables.

The park's main attraction, the Great Park Balloon, takes tourists 400 feet in the air for a panoramic view of the park and the surrounding region. And next to the Great Park Balloon, the Palm Court Art Complex features the Great Park Gallery and a 10,000 square foot event center converted from a former military hangar. Other Orange County Great Park attractions include a kids' favorite carousel and an airport hangar with preserved planes on display. The Great Park also features a multi-purpose sports complex, rotating art exhibits and freshly picked food at The Farm+ Food Lab.

Great Ice Park is the newest addition to Orange County's Great Park, offering public skating and year-round events. The San Joaquín Wildlife Sanctuary is a true wilderness area within the boundaries of the. The easy accessibility of this wildlife refuge is a big draw, especially for birdwatchers and photographers. The wildlife sanctuary comprises several ponds throughout the property, with more than 10 miles of trails navigating through the swampy terrain.

Newport Beach is a charming coastal town centered around one of the largest recreational ports on the West Coast. And the city offers the fastest route to the ocean from Irvine, accessible with less than 10 miles by car. Tanaka Farms is a 30-acre farming attraction offering family fun and fresh fruit. The farm sprouts something new every season.

And a great way to experience this working farm is to hop on one of the Farm Tours, which run all day long. Currently, the IMCA exhibits its collection in a temporary museum in the Airport Tower building, just northwest of the campus. This first-floor museum does well to showcase art, with more than 2,500 square feet of exhibition space. The museum currently shows one exhibition at a time and rotates the exhibition once a year.

The rich agricultural region surrounding Irvine is blessed with a year-long growing season, much of which is showcased at several farmers' markets throughout the week. The Orange County Farm Office offers two certified markets in Irvine, one in Irvine Regional Park on Tuesday mornings and one Saturday morning near the picturesque Mariners Church. Orange County's Great Park is also home to a third certified farmer's market on Sundays from 10 to. m.

at 2 p. m. The Irvine Open Space Preserve connects with other wilderness spaces in Orange County to provide a surplus of public land that may seem surprising within the dense population of Southern California. Crystal Cove State Park and Fremont Canyon Nature Reserve add to the total area, as well as the public space found in Irvine Regional Park.

Taken together, the natural space found in this region has a total of more than 20,000 acres. Located within the Great Park of Orange County, this championship soccer stadium is home to Orange County's only professional soccer team in the United Soccer League. This state-of-the-art stadium is a favorite with players and spectators, and Irvine's warm evenings are the perfect time to watch a game. The venue can accommodate 12,000 guests, and some shows sell out completely.

The calendar of events covers the whole year and ranges from comedians to music festivals and national touring acts. Food trucks are available at most events, as well as several other vendors. Other special collections at the Arboretum include species from the Channel Islands, Baja and the Mojave Desert. The 12 acres of the arboretum are a living classroom and play an important role in the educational development of students.

This nonprofit museum and play space provides an interactive world for children to explore. Comprised of a large interconnected mini-city, with facilities such as a cafe, construction site and grocery store, Pretend City has 17 exhibition spaces that allow young children to play adult roles. The Balboa Peninsula is another day trip worth visiting Irvine. It's less than 15 miles by car from this unique piece of California paradise, where visitor attractions include vacation homes, ferris wheels, and pristine beaches that belong on a postcard.

Here are the 29 best and fun things to do in Irvine, California. The Great Park of Orange County is arguably the most popular attraction in Irvine, California. The central attraction of the Great Orange County Park is undoubtedly the Great Park Balloon, a great orange hot air balloon ride that can take you on an impressive and inspiring tour in the sky. You'll rise 400 feet above the ground and be rewarded with an enchanting 360-degree view from a panoramic perspective of the park, the city and beyond.

It's home to a 10,000-square-foot event center that was once a military hangar, and it also features the beautiful Great Park Gallery. It first opened its doors in 1997 and is essentially a “city” full of interesting things to do and activities for children to explore and enjoy. They are interconnected within the building for the enjoyment of their small customers, with a total of 17 exhibition spaces in total. IRWD's & San Joaquin Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary spans 300 acres and is technically a freshwater march.

Over 11 miles of trails that will take you through many different ponds along the way. The Spectrum Center's central attraction is Giant Wheel, a massive Ferris wheel that lights up at night and offers beautiful views from 108 feet above the ground. It spans 30 acres and can be found on University Drive. Although it started operating in 1940, the farm was only recently opened to the public.

It spans 12 acres and is designed to educate students in relevant courses and areas of study. It is located on the south side of Irvine on University Drive and covers a total of more than 300 acres and is named after the man who was once president of the Irvine Company. Most of the Barclay Theater performances take place in the Cheng Hall, which has incredible acoustics and opened in 1990, with a capacity of 756 spectators. The anteaters have 28 national championships to their credit, with 53 individuals of the anteaters who will become part of the Olympic Games.

The ranch was created by James Irvine in 1868, as he wanted a house that he could use when he was in town on business. Usually, the Global Village Festival starts its events at 10 in the morning. It spans 6,834 yards and is a par 71 course that is ideal for people of all skill levels. Taken together, those on display total more than $30 million in value.

Although most of them are racing cars, such as Michael Schumacher's 1996 Formula 1 Ferrari, there are also other interesting ones on display. Children 12 and under have no entry fee. The Orange County Soccer Club is located at another of our Irvine attractions, specifically in the Great Orange County Park. Over 11,000 trees offer a peaceful experience here, with shrubs, 33 species of eucalyptus trees, and plenty of gently sloping hills.

K1 Speed Irvine is quite an interesting place. In addition to just go-karting, K1 Speed offers some nice plasma TVs and leather sofas for lounging. There are also a fair amount of race-related souvenirs and art that you can see, and if you wish, K1 Speed has rental areas for meetings, parties and events. With a total of more than 20,000 acres, including Fremont Canyon Nature Preserve and Crystal Cove State Park, there's no shortage of areas to explore, enjoy and enjoy.

From the city, a 10-mile drive takes you as fast to the Pacific Ocean as you can travel. . .